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Dr. Paul Bremner is a planetary scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center. Originally from Florida, Dr. Bremner earned his AA from Daytona State College in 2006, BS from the University of Central Florida in 2009, PhD from the University of Florida in 2016, and completed a post-doc at University of Florida in 2019. Dr. Bremner joined the planetary science group at Marshall Space Flight Center in 2021 after 2 years as a hydrogeologic modeler at the St. Johns River Water Management District in Florida, and prior to that, a 4 year stint as an aircraft mechanic for the US Air Force.

His main areas of scientific research:

  • Seismology of Earth, Moon, and other rocky planets (or planetoids) in the solar system
  • Geodynamic simulations of convective heat and material transport in planetary interiors
  • Multidisciplinary collaborations to combine geophysics, geochemistry/petrology, and mineral physics to examine properties of planetary interiors
  • Simulations of past and present surface and groundwater flow

Dr. Bremner is a science team member of the Lunar Geophysical Network, and a member of an interdisciplinary group focused on understanding the large-scale petrologic stratigraphy of the Moon.




Paul Bremner, PhD



320 Sparkman Dr.

Huntsville AL 35805

Phone: (256) xxx-xxxx

paul.m.bremner at nasa dot gov


AA, Daytona State College, 2006


BS, Physics, University of Central Florida, 2009


PhD, University of Florida, 2016


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