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Postdocs: If you’re graduating in planetary sciences or geosciences and would like to come work with us, postdoctoral appointments are available through the NASA Postdoctoral Program. Annual application deadlines are March 1, July 1, and November 1. Candidates must apply through the NPP webpage and are encouraged to contact us directly to develop a research proposal.

Graduate students: NASA supports graduate students through the multiple programs and opportunities. In addition, it may be possible to arrange a visit to collaborate with us at MSFC on joint research. Contact one of us for more information.


Undergraduate students: We regularly have summer-long projects available for undergraduate students interested in planetary science. We’ve been very successful at having our undergraduate colleagues present their work at conferences - and sometimes even get bonus opportunities to see launches or other mission activities. Candidates must apply through the NASA opportunities for undergraduate students - usually the NASA Undergraduate Student Research Program - but there are many other programs as well, see this page for a list of all the opportunities. Please also contact us directly to let us know about your interest. Advanced undergraduates can also apply for the NASA Academy, an intensive resident summer program. Apply through the NASA Academy web page and contact us directly to let us know your interest.

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