Dr. Zheng-hua Li is a research scientist in NASA Marshall Noble Gas Research Laboratory. Li’s science interests focus on isotope geochemistry including noble gas geochronology and climate change. He has been serving as principal investigators for the projects funded by NSF and DOJ. His ongoing research projects include reconstruction of Pleistocene-Holocene climate variability in the southern Appalachian region, isotopic and elemental analysis of the William Bass Donated Skeletal Collection and other modern donated collections, extraction of tropical cyclone records using tree-ring oxygen and hydrogen isotopes, and stable isotope ecology of black bears. In addition, Li is currently involved in building a next-generation planetary noble gas geochronology laboratory and in-situ K-Ar planetary dating project funded by NASA.


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Zheng-hua Li, PhD


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PhD, Quaternary Geology, Nanjing University, 1995

MS, Geochemistry, Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1990

BS, Geology, East China Institute of Technology, 1987

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